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The Future of Audience and Revenue: New Insights on Growth Opportunities

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In media, as in life, the only constant is change. The executives that arm themselves with information on what consumers and advertisers want today are the ones that will most successfully navigate that change. In this webinar, Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig will feature new insights from Futuri's ongoing Future of Audience and Revenue series. This new data is designed to help broadcasters identify and unlock growth opportunities to keep them relevant and competitive in this rapidly evolving media landscape.

You'll Learn:

  • The surprising content that more than 1,200 survey respondents say they want more of from your media brand.
  • What Gen Zs, Millennials, Gen X’ers, & Boomers plan to do more of — & less of — in the next year.
  • The 8 things media brands need to do to experience high growth.

Your webinar host


Daniel Anstandig
CEO and Co-Founder, Futuri