The Future of Audience and Revenue

A Futuri x SmithGeiger Study & Webinar Series

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The needs and wants of your audience and advertisers are changing.

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How media consumption and even definitions have evolved for more than 2,000 consumers surveyed in recent months. (Spoiler alert: COVID rapidly accelerated the pace of change.)

What nearly 200 media executives think are the most important challenges facing the industry—and how well-equipped they feel they and their teams are to address them.

What you can start doing TODAY to have your brands grow audience, grow revenue, and embrace the future.

The Future of Audience and Revenue Webinar Series

Hosted by Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig


The needs and wants of your audience and advertisers are changing — fast. The Future of Audience and Revenue, a study by Futuri and SmithGeiger that's the widest-range of its kind, has revealed tectonic shifts in how Americans perceive, consume, and pay for media content, as well as media executives’ predictions for the sector and confidence in their ability to address emerging challenges. In these webinars, Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig will review the study's takeaways, as well as action steps for using the study's information to grow your content, audience, and revenue.


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