Give Your Broadcast A Second Life

Make Your Show Indispensable to Your Audience Wherever & Whenever They Choose to Listen

POST by Futuri

See What POST Can Do For You!

If you're not time-shifting your morning show, you're leaving your audience, & revenue on the table. It's time to let your audience choose how & when they listen.

POST empowers you to leverage the content you're already putting out on-air & quickly repurpose it into a podcast to reach your audience on their own terms.

Broadcast to Podcast

Easily turn your best broadcast bits into a snackable & shareable podcast.

  • POST captures & labels your station’s PPM-encoded audio, so you can find the audio you need, fast.
  • Get PPM credit & stay top of mind 24/7 in Diary markets.
  • Make your podcast sound perfect with the POST audio editor’s sophisticated yet simple-to-use features.

Podcast to Publish

So quick to produce that you can publish it in the break!

  • Increase your content’s discoverability with customizable chapter markers.
  • Add custom cover images using POST’s licensed image library. We paid for everything, so use it as much as you like!
  • Open up more opportunities to monetize the same content that already ran on-air.
  • Publish everywhere in a single click, including directly to YouTube!

A Study From Futuri & Nielsen
Growing Audience with On-Demand Broadcast Audio

This new study from Futuri & Nielsen examines the current state of On-Demand Broadcast Audio, also known as time-shifted audio — like who's listening, where they're listening, & how they're listening. It uncovers opportunities for broadcast brands to grow audience & revenue with a smart time-shifting strategy.