What Broadcasters Can Learn from Social Content Creators

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Some broadcasters and streamers see social media platforms like TikTok as major competitors, but those platforms can actually be an incredible tool for use in talent acquisition, marketing, and reaching younger demographics.
In this 30-minute webinar, hosted by Futuri's Charlie Maxx and Tim Wolff, we'll review trends in social media brands and personalities that are building their own media networks, how today's media companies are leaning into social media content creation, and concrete, actionable ideas for how your brand can use social media to its advantage in 2022 and beyond.
You'll Learn:
  • What the latest trends in social media content creation are, and how creators position themselves to grow their audience.
  • How to appeal to a new audience and advertisers with your social media content.
  • How social media is evolving as a great tool for broadcasters to use in talent acquisition, marketing, and as a way to expand your audience to younger demographics.

Your webinar hosts


Charlie Maxx
Futuri's TopicPulse and Prep+ Operations Specialist


Tim Wolff
Futuri's VP, TV and Digital Publishing Innovation