Newscast to Podcast Automatically

Instant publishing. No additional time or staff required!

POST by Futuri

See What POST Can Do For You!

Give your viewers a choice to get your news when they want it

Keep your newscast content out there 24/7! Let your viewers listen to your morning broadcast on their morning commute, catch up on local news when they are out of town or traveling, and always have your newscast content a click away and accessible on their schedule.

Instant publishing. No additional time or staff required!

Even when your staff is stretched to the limit, POST makes it easy to use your most important on-air content to help reach your digital and social goals faster. POST automatically edits your newscast's audio, brands it, and publishes it in podcast form to every platform that matters.

Don't miss the podcasting boom & revenue potential

Your newscast doesn’t end when you go off the air. Get more out of the additional hours of news your team is responsible for; expand your station's reach and increase viewer loyalty. POST also expands your revenue opportunities by reaching more channels and utilizing the Futuri Ad Network.

Automatically Publish Your Newscast Audio Everywhere

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How It Works:

  • AUDIO: POST ingests and automatically edits newscast audio for optimum fidelity.
  • COMMERCIALS: Commercials are replaced with programmatic ad markers.
  • COMPELLING VISUALS: Pre-set brand images, titles, and descriptions are paired with individual episodes.
  • AUTOMATIC PUBLISHING: POST then publishes blocks or full newscasts to audio platforms immediately, or at times pre-set by the user, to multiple on-demand platforms immediately.

"Consumers rank Local TV higher than network news and social media for facts and clarity."

- The Future of Audience and Revenue Study, published by Futuri and SmithGeiger (2021)

POST gives your audience the choice of substance over chatter!


A Futuri x SmithGeiger White Paper and Webinar Series
The Future of Audience and Revenue

The needs and wants of your audience and advertisers are changing — fast. The Future of Audience and Revenue, a study by Futuri and SmithGeiger that's the widest-range of its kind, has revealed tectonic shifts in how Americans perceive, consume, and pay for media content, as well as media executives’ predictions for the sector and confidence in their ability to address emerging challenges. In the related webinar series, Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig reviews the study's takeaways, as well as action steps for using the study's information to grow your content, audience, and revenue.