These days, your listeners are always connected. Are you sure your content is as current as they are?

TopicPulse's real-time, AI-powered show prep and social content tools keep you ahead of the topics and angles that matter most to your specific target audience, 24/7.
  • So much more than just local Twitter trends, TopicPulse scans social platforms plus 100k+ other sources to learn what your audience is talking about, and how.
  • Stay ahead of the competition: TopicPulse's predictive capabilites tell you where topics are going, based on what your audience finds relevant.
  • Never run stale content: Avoid tune-outs with TopicPulse's ability to identify what topics are getting stale.

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Grab their attention with the most relevant content possible.

TopicPulse ingests detailed information on your specific geographic area and target audience. We then put the power of our predictive intelligence in your hards, giving you insight into know what they're talking about now and what they will be talking about later. Having trouble finding a fresh angle to a long-term topic? TopicPulse's AI returns fresh angles on ongoing stories that will make your audience feel like you're reading their minds. 

Social and digital content made easy.

We're all doing a thousand things, right? Well, TopicPulse is designed to take the stress and lift out of content creation. Leave it to TopicPulse technology to identify key stories. Flesh those concepts on your own, or use IdeaStarters™ as free and clear content to use as you wish. The available TopicPulse Instant Video option, which provides dozens of short videos on the day's biggest topics ready for you to brand as your own, gives constant social content to stay connected to your audience.  


Multiplatform content? We got you. 

TopicPulse is an essential tool for local story discovery. At a time when staffs are getting smaller, TopicPulse becomes even more critical in providing that AI-driven content compass for the on-air talent, producers, and digital staff who serve your audience. And with video becoming a more effective social and marketing outlet daily, the available TopicPulse Instant Video option gives you access to dozens of videos daily that you can quickly rebrand and own to retain and better engage your audience.


Way more than just trending topics.

We've talked TopicPulse AI and predictive topic capabilities, but did you know that TopicPulse insights also tell you what stories and angles are about to go viral, what's getting stale, and what related topics will engage your audience most deeply? Over more than 11 years as technology innovators in the broadcast space, we've seen it all and can help customize your best approach to growth.

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