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There’s never been a more important time to stay on top of trends that are impacting the industries of your clients and prospects. That’s why we’ve added a powerful new feature to TopLine’s suite of tools to advance every stage of your sales process: the TopLine Business Acumen Series.

Every day, TopLine users have access to new and need-to-know stories in categories including home improvement, automotive, health, legal, grocery, finance, lawn and garden, insurance, education, QSRs, and so many more. Articles are accompanied by insights that help you connect the dots with opportunities to grow your business in those categories.

This new feature is part of TopLine’s suite of tools to advance every stage of your sales process.

  • Personality Prep Reports that help you build rapport -- even virtually -- by giving direction on the best way to communicate with the decision-maker and his or her specific personality type.
  • Digital Prep Reports that give you visibility into a company’s digital campaigns and help you determine what new ideas or capabilities you can bring to the table. 
  • Infographics, positioning pieces, and presentations that tell the story of your valuable audience and why they’re a good match for a client or prospect in a way that’s simple, easy to understand, and impactful. 


What successful leaders are saying about Topline

"My AE’s and I LOVE TopLine because it really helps us come in to a prospect with a quality VBR, and it makes them feel like we really did our research... we also really love it for presentations because it’s very quick, easy, and resourceful.”

Emily Ward, LSM/DSM, Entercom Chattanooga


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